Forgiveness: a tool for healthy living | Sacred Grove: Intuitive animal communication & energy healing; Alexandria, VA.
When talking about staying healthy, we hear topics such as losing weight, getting active and eating right. All useful topics.

Another idea: I believe forgiveness is a spiritual tool for staying healthy.

Forgiveness of self and others frees us from negative emotions and thoughts. Those emotions and thoughts give off certain vibrations, which negatively affect the body in the short run, and if they become a habit, negatively affect the body long-term.

Test it – try this

Find a memory of a good time with someone you love. How did your body react? Maybe your shoulders relaxed, you smiled, you got a warm feeling in your heart or abdomen.

Now think about someone who has committed a heinous act. How did your body respond? Maybe your chest tightened up and your breathing got shallow. Did your heart beat furiously? Maybe tears came as you thought of the souls hurt. Maybe you felt fear for your and others’ safety and your whole body tightened up.

Energy Picture emotions as the energetic equivalent of the air we breathe; your body is immersed in and affected by those emotions. What energetic climate are we creating for ours bodies?

Forgiveness brings us the energetic equivalent of clean, fresh mountain air.

  • It does not condone the behavior.
  • It does not assume that there will be no consequences for the behavior.
  • It doesn’t deny that a bad thing happened.
  • It doesn’t mean you let that person continue their behavior.

Forgiveness is letting go of the emotions that hurt US. Forgiveness has become a place of divine rest where I try to figure out how to live my life in spite of the bad stuff people do.

Self Forgiveness

This includes forgiveness of self. Own up to what you did, make amends and try not to do it again; that’s the beginning of self-forgiveness. Requesting help from a higher power is useful.

The more we own up to our own shortcomings and forgive ourselves, the easier it may become to forgive others. And a bonus is that we may do fewer things that need forgiveness.

So, although I can’t completely forgive them yet, I send healing energy to bad guys and their families as well as their victims. I pray that they admit that they purposely hurt someone. (Who hasn’t purposely hurt someone through word or deeds?) I also send healing energy to humanity so fewer of us are compelled to do hurtful acts.

And I recommit to being as decent to others as I can manage. All that puts me back into a place of peace. Which, I believe, provides my body with the most positive environment for staying healthy.

If you’d like some help, contact me. I conduct sessions in person (a must for massage therapy!), Skype and phone calls.


Animal Communications

Ever wonder what your animal is thinking? Me, too.

I’ve done some excellent animal healing but have always wondered how much more effective it would be to communicate with the animal as well as offer healing.

So I took an animal communication class with Lori Spagna of Santa Monica, California –

Lori’s a fantastic teacher as well as animal communicator, among other skills. I am currently taking her advanced animal communication class.

On Mother’s Day, I practiced my new-found skills at Alexandria Massage Therapy in Old Town Alexandria.

I did free readings for four cats and dogs, three that were living and one that had passed away.

It was a wonderful afternoon for both humans and pets.


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