Healing Paths

What do you think of when you hear the word heal?


Heal usually makes me think of getting well after an illness or a condition in our body. I also think about getting over an emotional trauma or memory. Putting it behind me, finishing something.

A movement towards wholeness:

Now that I use energy healing techniques, I’ve begun to see healing as the movement towards wholeness. I see wholeness as reclaiming or finding within ourselves the knowledge that we are valuable and contribute to others’ lives. And we find joy in that knowledge.

This puts a whole new spin on our illnesses, our emotional and mental challenges – and it’s a positive spin for me.

Got issues?

Got physical issues? Got emotional issues? I would ask – What can you learn about yourself from them? I’d even go a step further and ask, what are you supposed to learn about yourself from them? Why did these particular challenges show up in your life?

A new approach:

When you take this approach, I believe you have set yourself on the path to healing. When you choose this perspective, you begin to look for people and modalities that help you become yourself in the best sense of the word. You spend less time feeling like a victim of some cosmic joke and declare that you will learn from each challenge life hands you.

Staying on my healing path

So my New Year’s resolution is to renew my commitment to staying on the healing path – seeing life’s challenges as a chance to heal and keeping an eye out for events, people and modalities that will help me move forward on my path to healing.

Set your feet on the path. I invite you to develop one resolution of your own to get you moving on your path to healing and wholeness.

A Reiki Story

I met Laura O’Neale of Your Light Within, a Reiki Master, at massage therapy school. Laura taught me to be a Reiki Master. Reiki is the foundation of my energy healing practice as it was the first modality I learned.

When we were learning Reiki II, Laura warned us that we might find ourselves dealing with old emotional wounds in order to clear out more “space” in our personal energy for healing. Think of it as cleaning out a really messy closet so you can use it for new purposes.

In the middle of the night after day one of the training, I was awakened by the sounds of a fire truck and ambulance parked in front of our townhouse. They were called for one of our neighbors.

The last time there was a fire truck and ambulance in front of our townhouse was ten years earlier. At that time, my first husband, Winston, had had a heart attack in our house and passed away. I was extremely shaken up by this “coincidence” and shared it at the second day of Reiki II training.

Laura said that I was ready to let go of more sadness about Winston’s passing and suggested that I do a Reiki session on him to help ease the pain. (Yes, Winston HAD passed away in 1998.) So using my imagination, I invited Winston to lie on the couch, “saw” him lying there and did a Reiki session for him.

At the end, I felt – or imagined – that the session provided a sense of peace for both of us. I had definitely let go of more of the sadness and replaced it with more peace.

In addition to the emotional healing I experienced, people have reported an easing of pain and a deep relaxation from their Reiki sessions.


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